Rubber and PU parts and products made to drawing or model

Moldings made of rubber and polyurethane

We are able to produce many types and sizes of engineering rubber and polyurethane (PU) molded parts and molded rubber parts with our press batteries. A rubber molded body can be made with the help of a mold and a rubber press. The rubber molded body is made according to drawing or model. Both in rubber and in PU we can press molds to a size of 1500 x 1500 mm.

The mold can be made by our specialized mold makers and we can also manage it for you.

Which types of rubber?

We process almost all types of rubber, silicone rubber and various thermoplastic rubbers. With our own rubber qualities, the material can be given different properties in terms of hardness, color, durability, etc. Thus, the application possibilities are almost unlimited.

A few pieces, small and large series!

We produce technical rubber and polyurethane molded parts in small quantities as well as in small and large series. You can come to us for any issue, even for a copy. Would you like to have a test product made first? This is not a problem, ask for the many possibilities.

Machining of (metal) parts

Rubber moldings can be provided with a metal or plastic part. If desired, these parts can be vulcanized on the rubber product. Rubber-metal connections and rubber-plastic connections.

Request a quote

Would you like to receive a quote for the production of rubber and PU molded parts or articles?
An example, sample, drawing or sketch is usually sufficient to make an offer.

Would you like to receive an offer for the production of molded rubber parts?
An example, a sample, a drawing or a sketch are usually sufficient to make an offer. Curious about the possibilities?
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