Roller covering with rubber and plastic (polyurethane)

Roller covering with rubber and plastic (polyurethane)

Egberts Rubber is a producer and supplier of high quality rubber coverings. Depending on your wishes and specifications, we cover rolls with a variety of rubber qualities (composition and hardness).

Tailor-made roller coverings, processing and profiling

With our advanced machines, we can produce rubber rolls up to 6,000 mm in length and 1,100 mm in diameter, meeting the requirements of almost every operation.

The rubber rollers can – if desired – be rotated, ground or provided with a profile. Egberts Rubber covers rolls for many applications in various industries. Take, for example, rollers, peel rolls and axial rolls. Conveyor belts for production processes: drive rollers, pulleys, rollers. In addition, we produce rolls with rubber coverings according to FDA requirements for the food industry.

Rubber rollers can be delivered complete and ready to use (turnkey). We take care of the installation of cores, shafts and the packing of the rubber rollers. We also take care of repairs to core and shaft journals as well as the balancing of rollers and rolls.

Provide with a new rubber layer

In addition to the production of new rubber rollers used rollers can also be provided with a new rubber layer. The worn rubber layer is removed from the roll, after which the metal is sandblasted. Then a new rubber layer is applied to the metal roller (vulcanized). This saves the acquisition costs of a completely new role.

Quality and development

We are constantly working on the development of our rubber compounds to get even better properties, which extends the service life and shortens the throughput times, but also the end product has a better quality.

Solutions and possibilities

Do you have production problems because your rubber rollers are failing? Or does the rubber roller cause quality problems with the final product? We want to find a solution with you. Through our years of experience, we could offer a solution for many customers.

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