Egberts Rubber

Egberts Rubber specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of rubber coverings for rolls, wheels, rollers and sleeves. We provide customized solutions for small and large series with many possibilities regarding rubber compounds, different hardnesses and color options.

Being pragmatic and innovative and investing in people, know how and machines, Egberts Rubber has evolved in reliable partner since 1938.

We are a family business with years of experience in the rubber industry. There is a lot of know how and close relationships are established with customers, suppliers, employees and society. This is also reflected in an average employment period of 18 years with our employees. We also want to convey the family culture and the good atmosphere of our external relations.

What we stand for:

  • Comprehensive range of services: the continuity of the relationship with our customers is determined to a large extent by the range of service, reliability and quality.
  • Handmade: despite the introduction of new production techniques, not only customer contact but also production itself remains craftsmanship.
  • Short internal paths: short communication channels and clear processing processes are essential to create flexibility.
  • Ambition: We strive for a long-standing relationship with all customers based on trust and clear agreements.
  • Craftsmanship: Egberts Rubber not only invests in modern machines but also in the skills of its employees.
  • Innovation: continuous improvement, organizational innovation, as well as innovation and investment in machinery contribute to the development of a modern enterprise every day.

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