Rubber and polyurethane coverings for rolls

Rubber rolls up to a length of 6,000 mm and a diameter of 1,100 mm, according to specification with almost any profiling!

Rubber coverings for rolls

Egberts Rubber is the supplier of high quality rubber coverings for rolls. We cover rolls with a variety of rubber qualities, depending on your requirements and specifications.

Coverings for rolls and profiling to measure

With our modern machine park belonging to the 7 CNC grinding benches, we are able to cover rolls up to a diameter of 1,100mm and a length of 6,000mm. Almost every profile is conceivable and reproducible, assuming low tolerances. Rubber rolls can be supplied turnkey if needed. Here we take care of the assembly of core, shafts, bearings, bearing blocks and packing of the rubber rollers.

Non-stick treatment

A non-stick treatment prevents materials from bonding to the rubber surface of rollers.

  • significantly improves the non-stick characteristics of the surface
  • easy to clean without the use of aggressive chemicals
  • Can extend the lifetime of the roller up to 4 times

SpeedyCon, silicone coating

SpeedyCon® is a silicone grade with improved properties compared to vulcanization silicones (HTV).

  • advanced physical properties and high tensile strength
  • denser surface than HTV silicone, so easier to clean
  • Life of the roll can be extended considerably

We supply rubber coverings for rolls, for both machine builders and end users (industry).

Egberts Rubber offers the rubber rolls coverings for a very wide and varied group of industries and companies, where rubber rolls or plastic rollers are used in production machines and conveyor belts. Think of:

Properties and specifications of the rubber coverings

The rubber rolls coverings are subject to wear, even in normal use, but there may be other reasons to replace the rubber layer. The use of the rubber rolls may change, which places different demands on the quality, properties and specifications of the rubber coverings.

Rubber qualities and specifications

Depending on the specific application of the rollers, the rubber quality can be adjusted. Consider hardness, wear resistance and resistance to oils, adhesives, chemicals and temperature.

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Quality and product development

At Egberts Rubber we are constantly working on the development of our rubber compounds in order to obtain even better properties. This means longer life and shorter delivery times, and the end product also has better quality.

Solutions and possibilities

Do you have production problems because your rubber roll wears out quickly or fails? Or does the rubber roller cause quality problems with the final product? We want to find a solution with you!

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have already been able to offer a solution for many customers.

More information

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