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Rubber coverings for wheels

Wheel cores made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum can, among other things, be covered with a wear-resistant rubber and, if necessary, be profiled. Depending on the final use of the wheel, the rubber compound to be used is determined.

When choosing the rubber quality, several factors are important:

  • Load of the wheels
  • Desired grip
  • Types of wear
  • Ambient and working temperature
  • Other environmental factors

We manufacture rubber coverings for wheels for customers in the graphics, film, wood, textile, packaging, paper, board and food industries.

Quality and development

We are constantly working to develop our rubber qualities to get even better properties for rubber wheel coverings. As a result, the shelf life is longer and the throughput times shorter, but also the final product has an ever higher quality. We manufacture very wear-resistant and tear-resistant rubber qualities, which are very well suited, among other things, as a running surface for wheels.

The result is a very strong and homogeneous rubber layer covering with almost perfect adhesion to the metal rim core.

The rubber wheel coverings can be sharpened or profiled to measure.

Solutions and possibilities

Do you have production or quality problems because your rubber wheels fail quickly or do not meet your requirements?
We want to find a solution with you! Thanks to our many years of experience, we were able to offer a solution for many customer-specific problems.

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