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We are the official dealer of PrimeBlade doctor blades for the Benelux and Germany.

PrimeBlade Sweden AB is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of doctor blades for flexo, gravure, offset printers and coating applications.

The requirements in the printing, coating and packaging industry are constantly increasing, as well as the need to optimize the service life of the doctor blade and to achieve a higher and more consistent quality.

Our Doctor Blades are available in all different edge types, standard thicknesses and widths. They are supplied in 100 meter / 328 foot rolls in easy-to-use cassettes, or cut in lengths to meet your needs.

The pre-ground blades have radius-ground edges, enhancing blade functionality. The blade and cylinders last longer than conventional blades. The pressure exerted by the blade on the cylinders is constant, eliminating uneven blade wear.

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Download the brochure (PDF / Engels): PrimeBlade doctor blades

Primeblade products

Different doctor blades are available for various applications. Click on the links to open or download a digital brochure:

PrimeBlade® 100 (polymers)
Advanced engineered polymers that are mainly used within the Flexographic industry. A very popular containment blade in chamber systems and within the tissue and corrugated industry. Download the brochure (PDF).

PrimeBlade® 300 (Carbon)
The standard carbon steel used worldwide by printing houses. Unlike many of the low quality carbon steel on the market our 300 series has more carbides / μm2 in the steel microstructure. Download the brochure (PDF).

PrimeBlade® 400 (Stainless)
A better choice of blade when corrosion is an issue. Enhanced rust resistance properties when water based inks are used. Performs well against fast oxidation of the blade tip and abrasive conditions. Produced with a refined particle microstructure and denser particle distribution, helping to protect against steel particle contamination of the inking system. Hardened stainless steel and heat treated. Improves doctor blade life compared to carbon steel. Download the brochure (PDF).

PrimeBlade® 500 (Refined stainless)
Used when extended lifetime is desired. Improved against fast oxidation of the blade tip and abrasive conditions, as well as against steel particle contamination of the inking system. Produced with an excellent particle microstructure and denser particle distribution. Hardened stainless steel and heat treated to reach our high quality standards. Excellent against corrosion problems when water based inks are used. Download the brochure (PDF).

PrimeBlade® 600 (refined Carbon)
Our 300 series times two—twice as many carbides/μm2. Wears down into much finer particles, causing less print complications and extending blade life. A high quality carbon steel, compared to other carbon steel blades. Download the brochure (PDF).

PrimeBlade 700 (Ceramic coated)
The PrimeBlade® 700 series is our ceramic coated doctor blade, developed by combining our unique surface grinding and special surface treatment technology. This improves the coating adhesive bond and wear resistance compared to existing coated products. It can even be an alternative to the PrimeBlade® 900 Nano I blade users, especially for rotogravure printers. Download the brochure (PDF).

PrimeBlade® 800 (Micro alloyed tool steel)
Special micro alloyed tool steel with increased hardness and ductility for improved wear resistance and superior blade life. Download the brochure (PDF).

PrimeBlade® 900Nano (Nano-treated)
New revolutionary patented metallurgic treated steel blades. We´re the only supplier of these exclusive and incomparable blades. Download the brochure (PDF).

With years of experience, we would like to think along with you or advise you on the use and selection of a doctor blade. We can also play a role in advice and products in the field of doctor blade chamber seals, chamber blades or knife cutters.

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If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us. You would like to test PrimeBlade doctor blades? No problem, we will gladly provide you with free sample material for testing purposes.

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