Swedcut doctor blades

Official dealer of Swedcut, Doctor Blades of Swedev
For the Benelux countries and Germany we are official dealer of Swedcut, doctor blades. High quality squeegee blades made of Swedish steel, which meet the highest requirements. A high-quality doctor blade is essential for an excellent print image, but also to avoid wear of the anilox roller!

Brochure Swedcut Doctor Blades

Download our Brochure ‘Swedcut Doctor Blades’: Swedcut Doctor Blades

Product Overview

There are different types of doctor blades for different applications / requirements. Click here for a product overview or select the individual types from the following overview:

With years of experience, we would like to think along with you or advise you on the use and selection of a squeegee. We can also play a role in advice and products in the field of doctor blade chamber seals, chamber blades or knife cutters.

Test the doctor blades yourself

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us. You would like to test Swedcut doctor blades? No problem, we will gladly provide you with free sample material for testing purposes.

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